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Drug Testing  –  Urine  or  Hair

DOT and Non-DOT industry testing along with Personal reasons for testing.

Urine collection are the most common test in the industry.  Hair Testing is gaining in popularity as it is hard to cheat on the test.


Collection Only:  $ 25.00  –  DOT, Non-Dot, Hair

In-House Urine Testing:

5 Panel  –  $ 60.00  (includes if requires Lab Confirmation)

10 Panel  –  $ 70.00  (includes if requires Lab Confirmation

Hair Testing:

We offer 5 panel, 7 panel, 9 panel and 12 panel

Prices start at: $ 100.00  (call for prices and drugs tested on each)


Alcohol Testing  –  Breath

DOT and Non-DOT industry testing along with Personal reasons to test for Alcohol in someone’s system.

We use Industry approved equipment, Intoxilizer 400PA, for all of the testing (price includes Confirmation if needed).

We can also do a Urine testing if needed.

Price: $ 20.00 per test

Paternity Testing  –

Who’s the Daddy??

Paternity Testing for Legal or Personal reasons, ours will stand up in Court, if you want to find out the Truth.  All you need is Photo ID for alleged father and Birth Certificate or Social Security number for the child.  Call to set up an appointment today.

Price: $ 150.00 each individual

( example: 1 child and 1 adult  $300.00 )

Contact us now for a free quote on your project